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Inspection and Quality Control

Stamping and other processes at our 22,000 square foot production facility located in central Orange County, CA are closely monitored to meet customer specifications. This certified quality control system was developed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

We often collaborate with customers to review drawings and provide design for manufacturability (DFM) input. This is an important part of our commitment to quality and reduces production cost for customers.

Since 1980, we have served electronics, medical, military, aerospace, agriculture, and general hardware customers with high quality, quick turnaround, and low cost operations. We are here to make your job easy.



Inspection Equipment

1 14" Screen vertical comparator, Scherr-Tumico with 10x, 20x and 50x lenses
1 Toolmaker's microscope, 15x, 30x lenses with 2 x 2 micro-stage
1 Swift stereo microscope, 10x and 20x
1 36" x 48" Granite surface plate
2 24" x 36" Granite surface plates
1 Height master transfer gauge, 12"
1 Set of indicators
2 Sets of gauge blocks
4 Calipers-- 0-6", 0-12", 0-24", 0-36"
1 12" Vernier height gauge
3 Plug gauge sets -- .011- .060, .061- .0250, 250- .500
1 Depth micrometer, 0-3"
1 Inside micrometer 0-6"
1 Set of outside micrometers, 0-6"

Customer Service with
Personal Response

Personal service with quick response to customer needs is our top priority. Please call or e-mail a .dxf or CAD file for a prompt, competitive quote.

Large Parts

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From western Orange County, Los Angeles or San Diego take the 405 Freeway to the 55 Freeway. From eastern OC, Riverside or San Bernardino take the 5 Freeway or 91 Freeway to the 55 Freeway. Exit at Dyer Road or MacArthur Boulevard.

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